🎉 Valuation models have been updated to support auto FX conversion

Date: October 07, 2022

The following valuation models have been updated to support auto FX conversion:

- Simple Dividend Discount Model

- Two-Stage Dividend Discount Model

- Discounted Free Cash Flow

- Excess Returns

- Discounted Future Market Cap

- Weighted Average Cost of Capital

The models now automatically convert FX values for companies that have different reporting vs profile currencies. Example: Such a company is Royal Bank of Canada (RY) This company has the price per share, market cap and dividends reported in USD, but its filings are in CAD.

Before the update, if we applied Simple Dividend Discount Model, it would tell us to login (if we were not logged in) and select one of the currencies from the dropdown USD, EUR, GBP, CAD (not Original Currency).

After the update, the model would calculate the values even if we are not logged in or have Original Currency selected. Also, these type of companies now support price alerts and watches.