⚙️ Website Updates: August 2023

Date: August 09, 2023


  • Improved Website Performance
  • Growth Rate Auto-Adjust Feature
  • API Request Limit
  • Slugified URLs for Default Valuation Models

Improved Website Performance

By optimizing source files, loading times have been reduced. Images, styles, and scripts are now loaded more efficiently.

Growth Rate Auto-Adjust Feature

​​​​​The Growth Rate Auto-Adjust Feature simplifies changing growth rates in the Forecasting table. When you edit a growth rate for a specific year, the feature automatically maintains other future rates. For instance, if you adjust the 2023 rate from -3.26% to 15%, the feature keeps subsequent rates unchanged while updating future values accordingly.​​​

API Request Limit

The API Request limit was necessary in order to prevent request spam. If the request limit is reached, a 403 Forbidden Error will be displayed.

The limits are the following:

800 requests/hour:

  • Income Statements (Annual, Quarterly, LTM) 
  • Balance Sheet Statement (Annual, Quarterly) 
  • Cash Flow Statement (Annual, Quarterly, LTM) 
  • Ratios
  • Dividends (Annual, As Reported) 
  • Market Prices (Daily, Annual) 

1600 requests/hour:

  • Quote
  • Profile
  • Treasury Yields (Daily, Monthly, Annual)
  • FX
  • Risk Premium

Slugified URLs for Default Valuation Models

URL paths to standard valuation models have been updated for more meaningful redirection.

For instance, the previous path to the Simple Dividend Discount Model for Apple was: https://discountingcashflows.com/company/AAPL/valuation/default/9/ The new path is now: https://discountingcashflows.com/company/AAPL/valuation/simple-dividend-discount-model/

Note the inclusion of "simple-dividend-discount-model" in the URL. The old paths still work and will redirect to the new slugified paths.

⚙️ Website Updates: June - July 2023

Date: July 18, 2023


  • Brand New Look
  • Watches now support Fixed Value Tracking
  • Notification Alert Messages
  • Valuation Assumptions Descriptions
  • Improved Code Editor
  • Bug fixes

Brand New Look

The website has a brand new interface.


Watches now support Fixed Value Tracking

Watches can now have Fixed Watch Values instead of Valuation Model Values. This new feature allows tracking the market price vs. a fixed value.

To add a new fixed watch. Go to Watchlist & Notifications, click on "New Watch", add your prefered company and check the Fixed option.


Notification Alert Messages

New dropdown menu with the latest Announcements and Watch Notification Alerts. See what is new by clicking the bell icon in the upper right corner.

Valuation Assumptions Descriptions

Valuation model assumptions now have hover descriptions. Hover or Click (Tap) to see the descriptions attached to the assumptions.


Improved Code Editor

The code editor has been improved.

It provides JavaScript code validation:

It offers code suggestions when editing existing models:


Bug Fixes

⚙️ Website Updates: March - May 2023

Date: May 29, 2023

General Valuation Updates

  • New Valuation Coding Framework
  • New Exit EBITDA Multiple DCF Valuation Model
  • Model Selection Menu Redesigned
  • Valuation Page Redesigned

New Valuation Coding Framework

The old valuation model code was messy and hard to read and it took a lot of time to develop a new valuation model from scratch. So, we 've introduced a faster and easier Valuation Coding Framework.

Documentation is available on readthedocs.io and the source code is available on github.com

New Valuation Model: Discounted Free Cash Flow - Exit Multiple

A new model was added to the Multiples Valuation section, the Discounted Free Cash Flow - Exit Multiple.