January 2024 Revisions & Changes

Date: January 17, 2024

What has changed?

  • Changed the Revenue Estimation Method for Model: Discounted Free Cash Flow - Perpetuity
  • New Ratios Added to the Financials Section
  • Removed Irrelevant API Properties
  • Added a Help Section for Valuation Models
  • Bug Fixes


Changed: Discounted Free Cash Flow - Perpetuity

The model has transitioned to estimating revenue using a growth rate approach. This means that future revenue projections will diverge from the linear regression curve, guided by the growth assumptions that have been set.

For the full changelog, please check out the GitHub Pull Request.

New Ratios

The following ratios have been added to the financial ratios page:

  • Days of Payables Outstanding
  • Cash Conversion Cycle
  • Cash Conversion Ratio
  • Free Cash Flow to Earnings


API Property Changes

Our API endpoints had some unused properties that have been removed from all endpoints that contained them. Removed properties are marked with a strikethrough in the example below:

AAPL Profile Endpoint: {
  "originalCurrency": "USD",
  "convertedCurrency": "USD",
  "report": [
      "symbol": "AAPL",
      "currency": "USD",
      "dcfDiff": 38.2053,
      "dcf": 145.42469826435996,
      "reportedCurrency": "USD"


Valuation Models Help Section

Visit our GitHub repository to access the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section related to our repository of valuation models. We've made a diagram to help you choose the right model:


Bug Fixes

Full list of bug fixes:

  • Stock news article dates are now adjusted to local time.
  • Some pages that returned server error 500 are now fixed.
  • JavaScript dynamic modules are now being loaded properly.
  • The website's sidebar can now be closed by clicking (touching) the grey muted content area, and the change will persist when reloading.
  • Fixed minor errors in the JavaScript valuation framework.