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free plan
Free Finance Fling

Limited Features
  • Price Alert Notifications Limited to 1
  • Stock Watches Limited to 3
  • API Request Limit 1,000 / hour
  • Access to Free Valuation Models
  • Annual Financial Data
essential plan
Essential Econo-Exuberance

Essential Features
$15 /month
  • Price Alert Notifications Up to 25
  • Stock Watches Up to 50
  • API Request Limit 15,000 / hour
  • Release Private Models to the Repository
  • Full Access to Premium Models
  • Full Access to Financial Data
  • Email Priority
  • Cancel Anytime
  • All Free Benefits
ultimate plan
Ultimate Uptown Uplift

Fully Unlock all Features
$29 /month
  • Price Alert Notifications Unlimited
  • Stock Watches Unlimited
  • API Request Limit Unlimited
  • Release Public Models to the Repository
  • Code Support and Assistance
  • All Essential Benefits
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

If you are not satisfied with your current plan within 30 days of the initial purchase, we will issue a FULL refund.
If more than 30 days have passed and you purchased a yearly plan, we calculate your refund as follows:
Refund = Yearly Plan Cost - (Monthly Plan Cost * FLOOR(Passed Days / 30))

Example: If you purchased the ultimate yearly plan on January 1, 2023, and request a refund on July 15, 2023. Your refund will be calculated as such:
Refund = $261 - $29 * ( 195 days / 30 days )
Refund = $261 - $29 * 6
Refund = $87
Contact us for a refund

Short Answer:
You will not lose any data. All data will remain saved in our database and will be accessible once you resubscribe.
Full Answer:
If your subscription plan expires and your account reverts to a Free plan:
  1. If you have more than 1 notification, the rest will remain saved in our database, but they will not be evaluated anymore. Therefore, no notification email will be sent for these additional notifications.
  2. If you have more than 3 stock watches, the rest will remain saved in our database and will be visible. However, you will not be able to add more stock watches unless you delete the existing ones in excess.

Short Answer:
Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade to any plan, and your account will be provisioned immediately.
Full Answer:
Here is how upgrading and downgrading works:
  1. If you upgrade from Monthly to Yearly, you would have to pay the difference in cost between Yearly and Monthly, plus a Stripe proration fee (typically less than the monthly cost).
    Example: Upgrading from Ultimate Monthly to Ultimate Yearly costs $261 - $29 = $232, plus a Stripe proration fee.
  2. If you downgrade from Yearly to Monthly, you can do so free of charge until you have spent the original purchase amount.

Short Answer:
Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time, and it will expire at the end of its billing cycle.
Full Answer:
If you choose to cancel your subscription (or downgrade to Free), your plan will remain active until the expiration date.

Example: If you cancel your subscription on July 15, 2023, and the next billing date is on August 1, 2023, your subscription will continue to be active until August 1, 2023 (for 17 days), after which it will expire, downgrading your account to the Free plan.

Important Note: Canceling your subscription does not include an automatic refund. If you wish to request a refund, please contact us through our Support page.

You can contact our customer support team anytime through the Support page on our website or send us an email at

You can update your payment method, make changes to your subscription plan and check your invoices from the Billing page.

No, we currently do not offer trial periods for our subscription plans.

Short Answer:
Yes, your data will be safely stored on Stripe.
Full Answer:
Your payment data such as cards, billing address and other information will be stored on Stripe, our payment processor.
We do not retain any of this information in our database, besides your current subscription plan.
To display your subscription status and billing information, we query Stripe's API.

Short Answer:
Yes, we offer technical support through messaging only for our Essential and Ultimate subscribers.
However, the Ultimate plan will give additional benefits.
Full Answer:
Technical and code support will be available with our subscriptions as follows:
  1. With our Essential plan, you can only benefit from messaging our support team, either through Email or Discord.
    We will help you with code suggestions and documentation, but you will have to do the writing and testing of your model.
  2. With our Ultimate plan, you can benefit from support calls on Discord.
    You will have priority over all Essential plan technical support cases, and we can also help you build your personal model from scratch.

Short Answer:
Upgrading to either Essential or Ultimate will grant you access to all financial data available.
Full Answer:
Both the Essential and Ultimate plans unlock ALL the available financial data on the website.

The Free plan, on the other hand, imposes the following restrictions on financial data access:
  • Income Statements Quarterly: Only the latest 6 quarters are available.
  • Balance Sheet Statements Quarterly: Only the latest 6 quarters are available.
  • Cash Flow Statements Quarterly: Only the latest 6 quarters are available.
  • Ratios Quarterly: Only the latest 6 quarters are available.
  • Revenue Breakdown Report: Access restricted.

Short Answer:
The Repository is a collection of valuation models approved by our staff, offering additional benefits compared to Custom Models.
Full Answer:
The Repository consists of a collection of both Private and Public valuation models that have been approved by our staff.
In order to add a model to the Repository, you need to release an existing Custom Model into the Repository and have it approved by our staff.
Once approved, a Repository Model can be shared and can be used to set price alert notifications.

Private models remain hidden from the public but can still be shared through private URLs. Releasing a Private model requires an active Essential plan or higher.
Public models are listed in the repository of models along with your public profile. Releasing a Public model requires an active Ultimate plan.
Additionally, both Private and Public models support email notifications.

Short Answer:
The Request Limit is the maximum number of API requests a user can make within a specified time frame.
Full Answer:
The purpose of the API is to be used within the website or for personal projects and non-commercial purposes. A request limit is enforced for each individual API endpoint based on the following user types:
  • Unauthenticated users: A request limit of 500 requests per hour.
  • Authenticated users: A request limit of 1,000 requests per hour.
  • Essential users: A request limit of 15,000 requests per hour.
  • Ultimate users: Unlimited requests.
If the API request limit is reached, any additional requests will result in an HTTP 403 Forbidden Response for the respective API endpoint.