December 2023 New Features and Bugfixes

Date: December 19, 2023

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  • Premium data sharing is now possible.
  • The IMPORTHTML() function in Google Sheets is now retrieving data as before.

Premium data refers to quarterly data that is older than the last 6 quarters. This data can now be shared through a unique access key generated by you.

Steps to share premium data:
 1. Ensure you have an active Essential or Ultimate subscription plan.
 2. Enable Data Sharing from your Account settings panel and click "Update."
 3. Press the "Generate a New Key" button.
 4. Copy the URL from the Shareable Endpoints that contains your generated key.

Premium data sharing can be coupled with the IMPORTHTML() function in Google Sheets.

Request Limits for Shared Data

  • Shared premium data has a request limit: 500 requests per hour for each endpoint.
  • If this limit is exceeded, a 403 Forbidden response is triggered.
  • Shared premium data doesn't adhere to the API limits of your current plan Essential (15,000 requests per hour) or Ultimate (Unlimited requests).

Example of a Blocking Scenario

  • You have an Ultimate Yearly subscription and enable data sharing.
  • An unknown user sends 500 requests, hitting the limit.
  • The endpoint is blocked for everyone for 1 hour.
  • When you try to access the endpoint during this time, a 403 Forbidden response prevents the data from showing.

You can always generate a new access key if the current key has been compromised.