April 2024 Revisions & Changes

Date: April 19, 2024

What has changed?

  • New commodities API endpoints
  • New ratios report line items
  • Bug fixes

A word for our users

It has been a while since our last website update, as we are currently focused on a major upgrade scheduled for next month. However, we are excited to release some minor features early, like this one.

A BIG thank you for your continued support and all the amazing feedback! ❤️️


New commodities API endpoints

Our API has 3 new endpoints for commodities futures spot/cash contracts. Read more in our API Guide

Endpoints added:

  • Full list of available commodities
  • Daily quotes
  • Intraday quotes


New ratios report line items

The following ratios have been added to the financial ratios page:

  • EV to EBITDA
  • EBIT Per Share
  • Enterprise Value Per Share
  • Price Per Share


Bug fixes

Full list of bug fixes:

  • Income statement line items "General and Administrative" and "Selling and Marketing" are now merged into one row "Selling, General and Administrative"
  • Balance sheet line item adjustments for non-controlling interest.
    • Corrected the value for "Total Equity" to account for non-controlling interest.
    • Added "Non-Controlling Interest" and "Additional Paid in Capital" line items.
  • Repository private models can now be shared with unauthenticated users.
  • Ratios line items "revenuePerShare", "earningsPerShare" and "dividendPerShare" can now be found in the API endpoint properties.