API Guide

This API provides access to financial data in JSON format, which can be utilized within your models through API functions.

Using the API

To make it easy to access and process financial data from the API within valuation models, we have the following functions with their respective endpoints.

Function Name Endpoint Description
get_income_statement() /api/income-statement/AAPL/ Income Statement Annual
get_income_statement_quarterly() /api/income-statement/quarterly/AAPL/ Income Statement Quarterly
get_income_statement_ltm() /api/income-statement/ltm/AAPL/ Income Statement LTM
get_balance_sheet_statement() /api/balance-sheet-statement/AAPL/ Balance Sheet Statement Annual
get_balance_sheet_statement_quarterly() /api/balance-sheet-statement/quarterly/AAPL/ Balance Sheet Statement Quarterly
get_cash_flow_statement() /api/cash-flow-statement/AAPL/ Cash Flow Statement Annual
get_cash_flow_statement_quarterly() /api/cash-flow-statement/quarterly/AAPL/ Cash Flow Statement Quarterly
get_cash_flow_statement_ltm() /api/cash-flow-statement/ltm/AAPL/ Cash Flow Statement LTM
get_quote() /api/quote/AAPL/ Stock Market Quotes
get_profile() /api/profile/AAPL/ Company's Profile
get_treasury() /api/treasury/ Latest Treasury Rates
get_treasury_daily() /api/treasury/daily/ Daily Treasury Rates (Full History)
get_treasury_monthly() /api/treasury/monthly/ Monthly Treasury Rates (Full History)
get_treasury_annual() /api/treasury/annual/ Annual Treasury Rates (Full History)
get_ratios() /api/ratios/AAPL/ Financial Ratios Annual
get_ratios_quarterly() /api/ratios/quarterly/AAPL/ Financial Ratios Quarterly
get_ratios_ltm() /api/ratios/ltm/AAPL/ Financial Ratios LTM
get_dividends_annual() /api/dividends/AAPL/ Annually adjusted dividends
get_dividends_quarterly() /api/dividends/quarterly/AAPL/ Quarterly adjusted dividends
get_dividends_reported() /api/dividends/reported/AAPL/ Dividends as reported
get_prices_daily() /api/prices/daily/AAPL/ Full history of daily market prices
get_prices_annual() /api/prices/annual/AAPL/ Full history of market share prices for each year
get_cpi_annual() /api/economic/annual/CPI/ Annual CPI Data
get_fx() /api/fx/ FX Market Prices for all currencies
get_risk_premium() /api/risk-premium/ Equity Risk Premium for all countries

Other Available API Endpoints

The following API endpoints do not have a "get" function, but can still be used externally.

Revenue Breakdown

Data is premium only. Accessing it requires an active subscription.

URL Pattern: /api/revenue-analysis/<ticker>/<type>/<period>/

  • ticker=[AAPL, MSFT, ... ]
  • type=[geographic, product]
  • period=[annual, quarter]



URL Pattern: /api/transcript/<ticker>/<quarter>/<year>/

  • ticker=[AAPL, MSFT, ... ]
  • quarter=[Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4]
  • year=[2023, 2022, ... ]

Example: /api/transcript/AAPL/Q4/2023/

SEC Filings

URL Pattern: /api/sec-filings/<ticker>/

  • ticker=[AAPL, MSFT, ... ]

Example: /api/sec-filings/AAPL/

Institutional Holders

URL Pattern: /api/institutional-holders/<ticker>/<date>/

  • ticker=[AAPL, MSFT, ... ]
  • date=[2023-06-30, ... ] (Filing report date)

Example: /api/institutional-holders/AAPL/2023-06-30/

Stock News

URL Pattern: /api/news/<ticker>/<limit>/

  • ticker=[AAPL, MSFT, ... ]
  • limit=[1, 2, ... ] (Optional - Defaults to 10)

Example: /api/news/AAPL/5/


Full list of available commodities:

URL Pattern: /api/commodities/list/

Example: /api/commodities/list/

Daily quotes:

Data is split into free and premium data:

  • Free plan: Most recent day quote
  • Subscription: 5 years of daily quotes

URL Pattern: /api/commodities/<symbol>/

  • symbol=[GCUSD, SIUSD, ... ]

Example: /api/commodities/GCUSD/

Intraday quotes:

Data is premium only. Accessing it requires an active subscription.

URL Pattern: /api/commodities/intraday/<symbol>/<timestamp>/

  • symbol=[GCUSD, SIUSD, ... ]
  • timestamp=[1min, 5min, 15min, 30min, 1hour, 4hour] (Optional - Defaults to 1hour)

Example: /api/commodities/intraday/GCUSD/

Request Rate Limiting

A request limit is enforced for each individual API endpoint based on the following user types:

  • Unauthenticated users: 500 requests per hour.
  • Authenticated users: 1,000 requests per hour.
  • Essential users: 15,000 requests per hour.
  • Ultimate users: Unlimited requests.

If the API request limit is reached, any additional requests will result in an HTTP 403 Forbidden Response for the respective API endpoint.

Accessing API Data Externally

This feature is only available for Essential and Ultimate users.

API data can be accessed externally, such as in your Python projects, using a uniquely generated sharing key. Your account's request limit is also shared when using the sharing key. Keep your sharing key secure and only share it with trusted individuals, as misuse can temporarily block your account's API access.

Here are the steps to access data externally:

  1. Go to your User profile
  2. Enable Data Sharing and click the "Update" button.
  3. Press the "Generate a New Key" button.
  4. Choose your desired data format: HTML or JSON.
  5. Copy the URL that contains your generated key.

Accessing Quarterly Data

Full quarterly data is only available to Essential and Ultimate plans and it refers to the following API endpoints:

  • Income Statement Quarterly
  • Balance Sheet Statement Quarterly
  • Cash Flow Statement Quarterly
  • Financial Ratios Quarterly

For Free or Unauthenticated users, only the most recent 6 quarters are accessible. All other quarters are categorized as premium data, and their values will be marked as null.

Using the API functions within the Code Editor

To use the API functions and retrieve financial data, simply add the desired functions to the $.when function parameters and pass them in a Response object as in the example below:

// (Optional) Assumptions...

  function($income, $income_ltm, $balance, $balance_quarterly, $flows, $flows_ltm, $profile, $treasury, $fx, $risk_premium, $prices){
    var response = new Response({
        income: $income,
        income_ltm: $income_ltm,
        balance: $balance,
        balance_quarterly: $balance_quarterly,
        balance_ltm: 'balance_quarterly:0',
        flows: $flows,
        flows_ltm: $flows_ltm,
        profile: $profile,
        treasury: $treasury,
        risk_premium: $risk_premium,
        prices: $prices,
    }).toOneCurrency('income', $fx).merge('_ltm');
    response.balance[0]['date'] = 'LTM';
    // Rest of the code...
  catch (error) {