API Functions

Retrieving Financial Data (in JSON format)

Below are all the functions that retrieve data from the API and can be used inside Models.

  1. Function Link to API (JSON)
    get_income_statement() Income Statement Annual
    get_income_statement_quarterly() Income Statement Quarterly
    get_income_statement_ltm() Income Statement LTM
    get_balance_sheet_statement() Balance Sheet Statement Annual
    get_balance_sheet_statement_quarterly() Balance Sheet Statement Quarterly
    get_cash_flow_statement() Cash Flow Statement Annual
    get_cash_flow_statement_quarterly() Cash Flow Statement Quarterly
    get_cash_flow_statement_ltm() Cash Flow Statement LTM
    get_quote() Stock Market Quotes
    get_profile() Company's Profile
    get_treasury() Latest Treasury Rates
    get_treasury_daily() Daily Treasury Rates (Full History)
    get_treasury_monthly() Monthly Treasury Rates (Full History)
    get_treasury_annual() Annual Treasury Rates (Full History)
    get_ratios() Financial Ratios
    get_dividends_annual() Annually adjusted dividends
    get_dividends_reported() Dividends as reported
    get_prices_daily() Full history of daily market prices
    get_prices_annual() Full history of market share prices for each year
    get_fx() FX Market Prices for all currencies
    get_risk_premium() Equity Risk Premium for all countries.