Getting Started

Hey! Welcome to Discounting Cash Flows.

This Section is meant to explain the website's capabilities and get you more familiar with the application so you can start analyzing companies really fast.

This Website is dedicated to Fundamental Stock Analysis ONLY.
We do not offer Stock Suggestions or Technical Analysis.

What "Discounting Cash Flows" can do for you

The application offers 30+ years of Financial Data and a tool to apply Valuation Models (using programs written in the JavaScript programming language).


For each Company, you can:

  • Apply Valuation Methods, such as:
  • Create/Edit your own Valuation Methods using JavaScript Language.
    Disclaimer: Please be careful when Editing/Creating code. Make sure that you understand the code before running it, especially in the case of code coming from Unknown/Untrusted sources, because such code can be malicious and it could damage your files or steal information.
  • Analyze Financial Statements and Insider Trading
What is a Valuation Method?

Valuation is the analytical process of determining the current (or projected) worth of an asset or a company.

Next section is about the Company Tab and using it to quickly analyze companies.

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